Projects (Selection)

AUG 2020

Digital Fireworks

Feuerwerk der Natur - Still 5

Audiovision »Digital Fireworks«, presented at Open Air Cinema Hildrizhausen between the first and the second Corona wave. Pulsating beats and fireworks in digital form remind of the currently closed clubs.

MAR 2020


Audiovision »AUGENBLICK« (90 min) .

In the live performance »AUGENBLICK« Ludwig Migl and Achim Stohr combine music, photo and video on the themes of underwater, lost places, urbanity and nature. The entertaining photo and video show can optionally include several video streams and projections as well as music performances by Achim Stohr on saxophone and synthesizer. It is also possible to create video installations from the show. The musical impulses come from the genres Electro, Jazz & Groove and make the “moment” come alive!

NOV 2019

Red Sea, Egypt, Jordan

Multivision show (90 min) »Red Sea, Egypt, Jordan – Treasures of the sea, treasures of the land«.

The Red Sea is home to several of the best dive sites in the world. In the multimedia show of the multiple German champion in underwater photography you can accompany Ludwig Migl on his dives. The professional photographer shows an excellent selection of pictures he brought back from his travels to Egypt and Jordan.

In the live reportage with specially produced music by Achim Stohr, coral reefs in all colours can be seen and steep walls that drop down to 2000 m deep on the border to Sudan. The incredible diversity of species amazes the audience, and the encounters with sea turtles, schools of mackerel, manta rays and a school of dolphins in the wild are extremely impressive. A night dive reveals fascinating images that have never been seen before in this form.

On land, thousands of years old monuments, nature reserves and wonderful encounters with people await you.

OCT 2019

Wunderbare Artenvielfalt

Photo Exhibition »Wunderbare Artenvielfalt« from Ludwig Migl, showing impressive perspectives on our nature. Live performance »Diversity« at the vernissage.

SEP 2019

Altdorfer Scheunenrundgang

Video installation »zusammen getragen«: night dive, gulls, dolphins, world of corals.

SEP 2019

Open Air Cinema

Altdorf Views – presented by Ludwig Migl and Achim Stohr.

Multivision show with impressions from Altdorf and surroundings.

JUN 2019

World of Corals

Ludwig Migl focuses the view of the world on the coral reefs in the Red Sea. The way the images are taken makes a direct reference to the climate catastrophe and motivates us to work to preserve the beauty of our planet.

Check your footprint and get inspired on what you can do, e. g. with one of these calculators:

Mar 2018


Lost Places III

Landrecycling: New housing without urban sprawl? In the audio-visusual documentation »LOST PLACES III« we demonstrate how it works. Run down fabric halls of an old foundry. Graffiti. Broken glass. Drug waste. Propagating nature. Vibrant beats. Highly emotional documentation of a site remediation.

Feb 2018

Autobahn at Night

Autobahn at night

Audio-visual documentation from our highways at night. Stunning shots and vibrant beats demonstrating our ambivalent relationship to cars.

Nov 2017

Microplastics – The invisible Threat

Teaser to drive awareness for microplastics, to promote the IUCN study »Primary microplastics in the oceans« and edutainment by the app »My Little Plastic Footprint«.

Oct 2017

Ocean Plastics

Ocean Plastics

Photo Exhibition »Faszinierende Welt des Wassers« from Ludwig Migl, accompanied by the Office for Water Management, Landratsamt Böblingen. Audio-visual show »Ocean Plastics« at the vernissage.

Jan 2017

Photo Exhibition »LOST PLACES«


Photo exhibition from Ludwig Migl at Volkshochschule Böblingen. Multivision shows »Lost Places Part 1 & Part 2« at the vernissage.

Jun 2016

Altdorfer Scheunenrundgang

Video installation. Tetralogy »Blattwerk in spring, summer, autumn and winter« in barn 11.

Oct 2015


Sculp Himmelreich

Photo exhibition »Ansichtssache« with main focus on »SCULPTOURA«. Multivision show at the vernissage from photo group »Grenzenlos«.

Jan 2015

Wasserturm Altdorf

Wasserturm Altdorf

Audio-visual documentation.

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