About GooGho – The Good Ghost

Music, Photo, Video in Fusion.


»GooGho – The Good Ghost« is an artist collective from the Stuttgart area»GooGho«these are the photographer Ludwig Migl (among others multiple German champion and World Cup participant in underwater photography) and the musician/producer Achim Stohr. The passion of both artists lies in the fusion of image and sound. With an incredible perfection they combine photography and video from the areas of underwater, lost places, urban and nature with the music genres of electro, jazz & groove.

Ludwig Migl Kopie_2

Ludwig Migl’s photos authentically make you part of the world under water, part of lost places, urban cities and nature at its best. As a member of the German national team he has participated in Underwater Photography World Championships and latest since his triumph winning the German open in 2002 he belongs to the elite of underwater photographers.

Achim Stohr LMF_2505-2 Kopie 2

Achim Stohr is the musician, composer and producer in the GooGho artist collective. It is his ambition to perfectly melt music, photography and video in a way that it provides you a stunning audio-visual experience. Additionally you can see him playing the saxophone, synthesizers and Ableton Push in live performances.

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