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Debut Single »PLANETARIUM« by GooGho – The Good Ghost

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The techno track is characterized by powerful kicks and a melody line that seems to break all boundaries. It’s called »PLANETARIUM«  because GooGho dreams of doing a project in a planetarium. After all, it has the largest projection screens, best sound and cool seating.

GooGho – The Good Ghost.

Music, Photo, Video in Fusion.

»GooGho – The Good Ghost« is an artist collective from the Stuttgart area. »GooGho« – these are the photographer Ludwig Migl (among others multiple German champion and World Cup participant in underwater photography) and the musician/producer Achim Stohr. The passion of both artists lies in the fusion of image and sound. With an incredible perfection they combine photography and video from the areas of underwater, lost places, urban and nature with the music genres of electro, jazz & groove.



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